The Nifty MiniDrive

Sometimes you find something that is such a good idea you can't believe it hadn't been thought of before. That's the case with the Nifty MiniDrive currently being funded on Kickstarter. I found this because of a tweet by Matthew Rex. After watching the video and seeing what the drive did, I had to back it. It was just to clever.

It's actually a simple concept, the SD card reader on your Mac works fine, but the card sticks out, getting in the way. The Nifty MiniDrive allows a Micro SD card to work in the same slot through an adapter that sits flush with the edge of the computer when pushed in. Genius. The idea is that you can use this extra space like a built-in hard drive for photos and video, or even a Time Machine backup. Almost whatever you want really, Micro SD cards are being sold at capacities of 64GB. I backed the project, their goal was $11,000, and as of today they are at $132,030 with 24 days ago.

Such a brilliant idea.