Marking Important Information in iBooks


iBooks icon. retrieved from Wikipedia.

iBooks is a great place to crack open a novel and just read to your hearts content. But sometimes you come across something that you want to save. iBooks has just enough tools to allow you to do that with out getting overwhelmed. There are two ways to mark information that you want to be able to find again. You can mark the whole page with a bookmark, which you can do by tapping the tiny bookmark icon on the upper right-hand corner of the page. A nice animation will drop in a very well designed red ribbon saving your place. You can use as many of these as you want throughout the book.


You can also get crazy with a highlighter. Just tap and hold, then drag your finger over the words you want to highlight. The text will be highlighted blue showing you what is selected. A popup menu appears above the selected text with the options to:

  • Copy
  • Define
  • Highlight!
  • Note
  • Search

Selection Options

Highlight will then bring up another popup menu with five different colors to choose from, and an option to underline the text. You can also remove a current highlight or make a note through typing in a popup little scratchpad that will get saved to the margin of the page. The note is linked to the highlighted text. The Note option after selecting the text will quickly highlight the text with the default color and popup the scratchpad to type into. 

When you want to go back to the page you bookmarked or highlighted tap the icon that has three lines in it (upper left corner next to "Library"). This takes you to a page containing the table of contents for the book, a list of all your bookmarks, and all notes you've saved.

Contents, Bookmarks, & Notes