Pike Place Market

On the Avenue

This last weekend my wife and I spent our Saturday at the Pike Place Market in Seattle Washington. We went there for one reason and one reason only, the OMG peaches. If you visit the market, go about half way down the main section of the top floor. You'll see a jocular young man or woman with a knife and a peach in front of a humble fruit stand. If you make eye contact they will gladly slice a portion of this mouthwatering fruit and hand it to you with a knowing smile. Go ahead, take it, and try not to cut yourself on their knife. They present you the segment with the same hand they cut it out with. Careful. Then they watch you, scrutinizing your reaction as you taste it suddenly realizing how little you've experienced in life. The only thing you can think to say is their nick name for the fruit. 

The humble fruit stand.

Pike Place Market is full of gems like this, from the endless rows of women constantly making beautiful flower arrangements, to the tiny donut stand turning out tiny donuts. Not to mention the guys tossing fish to each other like it's the Super Bowl. And that's still just the first floor. Venture "DownUnder" into the bowels of the market and you'll come across shops even more interesting and eclectic. 


You could spend hours inside, going through each and every shop, but there are fascinating things to be found on the street outside as well. The best of which are the musicians. A man playing a upright piano is on the corner of Pike Place and Pine. Tell him we say hello. Go to the Starbucks, besides the fact that this is the first Starbucks, you'll find a person or persons serenading the customers as they literally cram themselves inside. And both times I've been to the market I found a man playing the guitar; while hula hooping, playing the spoons and the harmonica. A modern day troubadour. 

If you get the chance, go. Bring cash, most places don't take credit cards. And expect to see, smell, hear, and taste the most distinctive of what Seattle has to offer.

Outside the first Starbucks



The photos in this post were taken with an iPhone 4S using the Hueless app and the Olloclip, which are both amazing.