Email Location Data Led FBI to Uncover Top Spy's Affair

From Wired:

But who would have thought the nation’s top spy chief would be undone so easily by digital footprints left behind in e-mail?


In the irony of ironies, the distinguished career of CIA Director and former Afghanistan war commander David Petraeus appears to have come unhinged after authorities traced the location of the sender of threatening e-mails that were written from an anonymous e-mail account and sent to a woman in Florida.

This is a terrible demonstration of the both the imperfect human, and the power of technology. But here's the really interesting part.

In examining these other accounts, agents uncovered sexually explicit e-mails that Broadwell exchanged with another party who also used a Gmail account. Investigators were not able to immediately identify Petraeus as the other party, however, because he’d set up his Gmail account using a pseudonym.

This is just crazy. Petraus had become head of the CIA. The CIA. And was taken down by the onine services he used to commiunicate with. The story is complex and it's worth reading the whole artice.