Cortex Cam

This app has been around for a while now but it's worth mentioning here as a way to enhance your photography. Especially in low light situations.

Cortex Cam is an app for both the iPhone and iPad that uses the video feed from the camera to take a nearly noise free high quality photo. In almost any shooting condition. It's a super simple app with very few settings to change. You can decide between a quick 2MP photo or an 8MP image that takess some time to process but looks great. You can even choose to save the image as a PNG if that's how you roll.

I can see using this camera app in many situations, as long as there isn't anything moving in the picture. If there is you may get some blurring. But in most settings, this app can greatly enhance the photo, not just with noise but also with better colors and contrast. Check it out here

Taken with Cortex Cam

Not taken with Cortex Cam