This post is about a photo management service I learned about from John Gruber's podcast, The Talk Show. Everpix was a sponsor on episode 32 and he's been raving about it ever since. I'm going to try to write this in a different way, going with a who, what, when, when, where, why, how format. If it works I may stick with it for future reviews.

Who made it

Everpix was made by a group of extremely good web and application developers and very talented designers. How good you ask? Just take a look at this and you'll see where some of these people have worked before. The people involved in Everpix have worked for places like Apple, Cooliris, Frog Design, and other great companies. These guys know what they are doing. The CEO, Pierre-Oliver Latour, has a work history that includes graduating from Stanford University and continuing on to found companies and being a Software Engineer at Apple. The history of the other guys on the team are just as impressive. And the product shows it.

What is it

Everpix is an online photography management service that has a few really nice tricks up it's sleeve. After you sign up, download the utility for your Mac or PC, and create your account, you are prompted to add a few services that it pulls your photos from. Add Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and even your computer photo library and Everpix will import ALL your photos. Don't worry, this is ok, and it's private. You can also pick and chose what folders from your PC it imports. After I imported nearly 8000 photos from my Mac, and several hundred on the other various web services, Everpix took a few hours to process and analyze them. This is where the magic of Everpix really becomes evident. And yes, it's magic, these guys are wizards, all of them.

Everpix uses a super amazing method to perform a semantic analysis of the images that actually understands what is in your photos. It can essentially "see" things like People, landscapes, pets, and dishes. Fancy right? Everpix can help you find those older photos and rediscover images in a way that goes along with how we think. Not only that but it can also, and with good accuracy, analyze perspective and distance from subject in your images.

The Everpix website allows you to view your photos in a number of ways.

  • Highlights will display images in a timeline of automatically sized thumbnails with no duplicates. Yeah, no duplicates!
  • Moments shows you photos based on time, dividing the images up by day and even further by early morning, mid-day, night, and late-night.
  • Sources displays photos by, you guessed it, their source. This view shows where the photo was imported from and displays it along side other images from the same source. So if I want to see all my Instagram photos from February, which I often do, I now can easily. I can also download them all.
  • Explore is where that super amazing semantic analysis really shines. Pick one of five subject types and Everpix will extract photos that match the category. All by itself.

There are other nice features too, like creating a Photo Page that can be shared with anyone by giving them a link. And there's also the typical sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Everpix Highlight View

Everpix Home

Everpix for iPad

When did it come out

Everpix was first launched and became a finalist at the TechCrunch Disrupt competition in 2011. They have continued to aggressively develop and expand the service since then.

Where can I use it

Anywhere. They have an iPhone and iPad application, and the website. There is no app for Android or Windows Phone, yet. So I suppose not exactly anywhere.

Why is this useful

Because it's automatic. The utility that you install on your computer imports photos without you having to do anything. You set it and forget it. Same with other services like Facebook and Flickr. Those images are also imported automatically. But you can also go in and change the settings to modify how it works. Don't want to import your embarrassing Facebook photos anymore? Just disconnect the service and they're gone.

With the apps, the images are always available. Highlights, Sources, Moments, and Explore are all viewable from the iPhone and iPad. Not to mention Everpix.com is accessible from any computer with a modern web browser. Over 8000 photos of mine can be viewed from anywhere I have one of these devices. And it does it with style.

How can I find it

  • You can sign up for the service at Everpix.com They have a free try it out account and a paid subscription option that lets you see photos more then 2 years old.
  • The iPhone and iPad apps are available here
  • If you want to read up on the science behind how Everpix works, look at this PDF.