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I've been wanting to write about Evernote here for a while now. This and Omnifocus keep me sane and are indispensable as I attmept to organize my life and work. Evernote is a service that has so many uses that it can be difficult to pin down exactly what it does. This is on purpose, it can fit into anyone's life. A quick description of Evernote is best said on their website

Evernote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your everyday life using your computer, phone, tablet and the web.

This service allows you to put things you want or need to remember in safe online storage for quick retrieval later. I've been using it for a few years now and have found it indispensable with my less than perfect memory. So what exactly can you put in Evernote? Anything really, but instead of listing out it's features I'd like to go through a couple of ways I use it.

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Evernote organizes your "notes" into notebooks. They group the things you save into categories you decide. I have at least 15, including things like Work, Taxes, Adoption, Blogging, Food, Trips, Home, and Wish List. I also have a main notebook that acts as an inbox. I occasionally go through this and sort out it's contents into the other notebooks.

I use an iPhone, iPad, and Mac with Evernote. Their apps allow you to capture the information you want to remember and all the info is synced between all your devices. Here's an example of how I use it. My wife and I are at Home Depot. We've decided to re-decorate my office and are planning out what changes we'd like to make. As we go through the store I use Evernote on my iPhone to take photos of the paint swatches we might want to use for the walls. I can add text to each note describing what I'd like to use each color for. Now we're in the lighting isle. We come across three ceiling lights and 2 floor lamps we like but can't decide between. Simple, I just capture them with photos in Evernote where they are saved for me to decide on later while I'm at my computer at home. Each of these notes are saved into my "Home" notebook so I can find them easily.

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You can literally use Evernote for whatever you need to. Businesses use it for managing their operations. Families use it for archiving scans of their children's artwork saving it permanently. Save your favorite restaurants and menu items. Movies you want to see. Research a paper for school and keep everything in an Evernote notebook. I also have setup to backup every article on this website to Evernote automatically.

There are many uses for Evernote it would be impossible to go over everything. Its utilities like this that I use to keep myself organized and to compensate for an unreliable memory. Evernote holds all my memories, Omnifocus keeps my tasks.

Another example. I am taking a quick trip to Hawaii and need to plan out the activities I'd like to do while I'm there. I create a "Hawaii Trip" notebook that I can add items into. As I am researching the best snorkeling areas in Maui I come across a web page for a bay I want to visit while I'm there. Evernote's web browser extensions let me capture the web page or article I'm reading and save it to a notebook. After saving four or five places I'd like to see I can later view them on my iPad when I meet with the other people I'm going with for planning. And add more info as we talk. Once I get to Hawaii, all the information is on my iPhone ready to go.

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Other Uses

Tools like this are why I get excited about tech. There is more to cover for both Evernote and Omnifocus and I plan on going into more depth on each of them in the future. For now, go download Evernote, you'll find a use for it.


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