The Capture Camera Clip

Breaking radio silence to bring you a Kickstarter project that looks really interesting. The Capture Camera Clip is the second version of this product by Peak Design. Essentially it's a camera mount that lets photographers wear their cameras cliped to their body, like a cownboy. Take a look at the video and you'll see what I mean.

The design of the clip allows you to quickly remove a camera, take a shot, and put it back securly with minimal effort. There are several levels to back it from $50 for the the Standard version up to $185 for the CapturePro and a few accessories.

I backed it, and you ought to if you enjoy not having to keep your camera hidden in it's bag.

[kickstarter url=http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/97103764/capture-camera-clip-v2 width=220]

Chosing My Next Camera


There are so many good cameras out right now. The Sony Nex-7 and RX100 and the Cannon EOS M are the ones that have caught my eye this last year. But these cameras are all different from the DSLR I currently own. The Nex-7 is Sony's take on the mirrorless system, and it costs the most. The RX100 is essentially a pocket camera, a point and shoot. And the Cannon EOS M is a new compact mirrorless camera that seems quite capable.

The DSLR I currently own is almost 6 years old. In the time I've owned it Apple has developed and released the iPhone (original, 3G, 3GS, 4 & 4S). Blackberry has all but lost it's hold on the smartphone market. And the US has finally pulled out of Iraq. It's time for an upgrade. But I won't, because as desirable as these newer cameras are my "old" one is still just as good as it was 6 years ago. I really have no good reason to upgrade, or have the disposable income to do so. For me, cameras are unlike phones or even computers. Digital cameras have finaly made it to a point where development is no longer at a steep incline. You can sit it out for a few years and not miss out on too much. Sure the cameras that have come out in 2011 and 2012 are great, and have amazing capabilities, but in a couple more years they will be even better.

And that's exciting.

The mirror less interchangeable lens camera has been one of the most unique developments in the last few years. Simply put, these cameras take the sensors of their DSLR cousins and stuff into a point and shoot sized body.


No moving mirrors or prisms can be found inside either. The light from the lens is directed in a straight line onto the sensor itself. This design allows manufacturers to create smaller camera bodies while still being able to have the flexibility of a DSLR. Yes, you can actually swap out lenses too. See image above for what is possible with a system like this.

When I'm ready, my next camera will most likely be one of these. I would gladly forfeit my DSLR for something flexible enough to actually carry with me everywhere. If I were pro I'm sure I would want something different, or both. But I'm not. Of course in a couple years I may be saying something different. So don't hold me to this.